Lions Lounge

Spirits bar & Cigar lounge

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Always impressive, this retreat for connoisseurs of spirits, cocktails, cigars and also selected literature. An island in the midst of the magnificent Salzburg mountains.

Carry on as such - also with the family-run hotel, which offers every luxury. An exceptional bar with extravagant cocktails blended by our barman "Philipp" will inspire you and makes you want more ...

High-quality spirits from all over the world, fine cigars, paired with personal service and great ambience! Special attention is paid to our signature drinks, wine selection and homemade lemonades.

Under the architectural guidance of W2 Manufaktur a unique ambiance has been created for connoisseurs of the best Whiskeys, Rums, Grappas, regional Brandies, Cocktails, fine cigars and cultivated atmosphere. Both the exterior and the interior of the lounge are dominated by cylindrical elements that function as a reference to the shape of bottles, glasses and cigars.

Through the formations of light and shadow, the act of looking out and looking in, a very pleasant space experience and a relaxing atmosphere arise. The comfortable lounge furniture, color tones of red and brown and proper lighting create an almost private sensation in the space. Through a powerful ventilation system there is always an optimal quality of air in the room that would satisfy even the non-smokers.

The wine bar with some of the finest wines of Austria and with premium quality wines from international wine cellars as selected by our certified sommelier connects the Lions Lounge to the Restaurant Loewe.

What our guests say

"Family holiday"

Our family room was very nice and newly renovated. It had an extra children's bedroom with a bunk bed, which enabled us to have a quiet night. The service is super friendly, also with regard to wishes for children. 5-course menu was outstanding. In the basement is a beautiful spa area with pool and 2 saunas for families. The new spa under the roof is only for adults. This is very good, as the children do not disturb anyone. Shuttle to the cable cars. Monday to Friday there is even a babysitting service from 5 pm to 8 pm. All in all a very pleasant stay.

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