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Austrian Ester Tradition

Easter is not too far away and preparations are in full swing in Pinzgau. For this reason, the Löwe-Team today introduces you to an Austrian tradition which you can crafting at home, the Palmbuschen.

What are Palmbuschen?
They are tied to a bouquet, evergreen branches. And are meant to remind of the palm branches, which the people of Jerusalem used to praise Jesus way more than 2,000 years. In a broader sense, they symbolize fertility, life and victory.

And what do you do with it?
Palmbuschen are consecrated on Palm Sunday by a priest, usually in the church, and then carried by children and adolescents at the Palm Procession.
In the countryside, the participating village youth delivers the bushes ordered by neighbors and receives a small salary for it.
It is part of the Palmbuschen tradition that the bushes are put in the middle of fields and gardens before dawn on Good Friday, in order to gain a good growth of the meadows and plants.

What belongs in an original Austrian Palmbuschen?
Juniper, yew, holly, thuje, willow cotton and boxwood.
So the hazel is to protect from lightning, juniper from the plague, the yew acts against witches, the holly against demons. The Thuje serves the general defense. Palm kitten and boxwood are blessing branches.

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