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Regionality is important to us

Our domestic suppliers

Wir lieben regionale Produkte

Bio, Nachhaltigkeit und Regionalität liegen voll im Trend! Für uns ist dies schon seit Jahrzehnten Tradition und selbstverständlich! Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn unsere Region so viel zu bieten hat. Wir legen sehr viel Wert darauf, unsere Gäste nur mit bestmöglichen regionalen Produkten zu versorgen. Folgende Lieferanten beliefern uns mit regionalen Produkten:

Folgende Lieferanten beliefern uns mit regionalen Produkten:

Beer tapping

Hofbräuhaus Traunstein

From the best Bavarian raw materials and with the love and passion for craft brews the private brewery Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, always according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, beers of the highest quality. With the experience of 400 years of brewing, the time and peace needed and the people who fill the work with life, let the beers mature to the highest perfection.

Fish-farming Grundner

Regionality at the highest level: Toni Grunder's fish farm is just a 4-minute drive from the Hotel der Löwe. Let yourself be persuaded by samlet, salmon, brown- and rainbow trout from a fair position and passionate breeding.

Siegfried Herzog

Siegfried Herzog destillates

The approximately 400-year-old ERBHOF "Keilbauer" consists today of a distillery and an agricultural area of ​​around 18 hectares. Most of the agricultural products are direclty processed and offered from the farm as well as farmers markets. Customers appreciate the excellent quality of the liqueurs, chocolates, fruit spreads, hay milk cheese - and of course the liquor.

Regional dairy products

"Mei Muich"

A real Leogang original: Since 2004, milk, yoghurt and bread have been produced in Otting, Leogang, all according to the "Mei Muich" recipe for success. Fair to the animals, fair to the people and fair to the nature.

Hygiene Hagleitner


Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the utmost importance to us. That's why Hagleitner helps us to ensure cleanliness at the highest level with environmentally friendly means.

Fair to the animals


All egg dishes that you enjoy at breakfast are made with organic eggs from our local supplier BIO farm Thomanhof. Species free range, GM-free and Grade A from certified organic agriculture.

Stockis Mountaindestillerie

Stockis Mountaindestillerie

In 1995, Thomas Kersten came across a small sensation in the old court records: Stockinggut owns the largest private firing rights in Austria, back then still under empress Maria Theresia. Thomas Kersten took this as an opportunity to start schnapps distilling. Meanwhile, he even received the award land winner of the distillers.



Dr. Spiller

Dr. Spiller

Dr. Spiller Pure Skin Care Solutions, Siegsdorf - Germany
Attractive emission is a basic human need. The appearance of the skin determines the overall well-being. Inward as well as outward. Gentle, but visible. This is the guiding principle behind the highly effective product range. With that, Dr. Spiller uses ideal conditions for a new definition of comprehensive skin care: Natural ingredients and sensitive Hytec finishing combine to create a unique effect.