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Wild Cuts Wood Art at the LIONS LOUNGE

Gottfried Schöngaßner's arty objects made of Wood

Changing exhibition at the LIONS LOUNGE in the LEBE FREI Hotel Der Löwe

Supporting the art of local creative talents is an important part of the LEBE FREI Hotel Der Löwe. Since December 26, 2019 the wooden objects made by the Leoganger artist Gottfried Schöngaßner add a grounding and calming energy to the Hotel.

Since his childhood days Schöngaßner explored the forests of Leogang with open eyes. His inspiration he found in forms shaped by nature. „As impressing a full-grown tree might be, to me it was always those trees shaped differently, with an atypical, abnormal growth that were the most fascinating ones“, says Schöngaßner.

The sycamore tree shows an especially strong will to live. Despite being struck by lightning, baring internal wounds and therefore hollow on the inside, on the outside it is still carrying green leaves. The artist carefully frees the tree from bark, dirt and deadwood, brings to light its special form and by doing so highlights the uniqueness of the tree.

The exhibition at the Hotel Der Löwe will change in regular intervals and at the moment displays a table and several sculptures in various sizes all made from sycamore. Further information you can find directly at the artist’s atelier:

Speaking of art in the LEBE FREI Hotel Der Löwe – also the paintings of our creative chef Albert Dschulnigg are on display.

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