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Sleeping with nature

WMS-sleeping systems in all rooms and box spring beds in the Suites

Relaxation also at night. That's important to us! SLEEPING is individual - just like the Hotel Der Loewe sleep system!
A good and healthy sleep is essential. We spent so much time in bed. This valuable time during sleep requires the body for the vital regeneration. We want you to recover, we want regeneration and enjoyment. Top sleeping comfort through the WmS sleep system in all rooms and box spring beds in our “Lebe Frei” Suites. The WmS sleep system adapts to your body anatomically, allowing you a relaxed and restful sleep. Consisting of a metal-free mattress and the flexible, double slatted base made of untreated beech wood, you will find maximum rest even while you sleep!

• Anatomically correctly bedded
• metal-free mattresses
• meets the highest hygienic requirements
• Sustainable and long-lasting

How to get a good night sleep

• "Cool down" - Finish the day and don’t think about TOMORROW
• Go to sleep when you are tired
• Take a well-tempered full bath. Best with chamomile, lavender, lemon balm or lime blossom, this enhances the beneficial effects
• A short walk before sleeping - breathe in our good mountain air!
• Avoid caffeine in the evening
• Ventilate the bedroom well before bedtime
• Do not exercise too strenuously in the evening, but "tune in" with quiet     activities to sleep
• Turn off your mobile phone and don’t put it at the bedside table
• Provide a pleasantly cool (but not too cold) room climate. If it is too hot in the summer, wet towels help at the window
•Have a milk with honey or lime blossom tea

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