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Splish Splash I was taking a bath

The healing effects of a bath

How bath tubs became luxury

Another birthday and another set of bath pearls and salt from a friend as a well meant present. However, in a time where space and tranquility are scarce, our bathrooms are equipped with only a shower. A vacation is in order, so that we can soak in the tub again!

A warm bath is not just relaxing, but also has healing effects. Already in the antiquity water was used in the balneotherapie to sooth various aches and pains. Today we know thermal baths, Kneipp showers, sauna, baths and showers all of which can be found in the SPAs of modern hotels. The word SPA derives from Latin and means Sanus per aquam = health through water.

After a cold winter day though all we want is a long bath at home with noone else around. The LIVE FREE Suites in the Hotel Der Löwe feature a freestanding bath tub and a private sauna. Nothing can stop your very own private spa session. For the water to unfold its full healing potential, a few simple rules need to be adhered to:

  • The water temperature should neither be to hot nor to cold. Too hot water is too much a strain on the circulation. The ideal bath is 36 to 38 degrees Celcius warm.
  • The temperature in the room itself should be around 25 degrees Celcius. After the bath quickly wrap yourself in one of the provided bathrobes.
  • For the optimum effect the whole room should invite you to relax: Indirect warm light, candles, calming music and a nice cup of tea are helpful.
  • The duration of the bath matters. Stay for a minimum of 5 minutes, so that pores are allowed to open and the metabolism is activated. After 10 to 15 minutes you should get out of the to avoid a strain on your circulation.
  • After the bath take a 20 minutes rest in order to make the relaxation last.

Real pleasure seekers will add a few healing ingredients to their bath. Herbs help to prevent a cold, lavender and ginger are calming and help nervosity, eucalyptus and pine tree oil have reviving effects, hay flower stimulate the metabolism and sooth aching joints. For the best beauty effect add milk or buttermilk to the water, whey and olive oil care for your skin and give it a nice smell.

So, what to do with my many presents of bath oils and salts? Pack them into my travel trolley, treat myself to a Suite in the 4 star Superior LIVE FREE hotel Der Loewe and ... ON HOLIDAY AND INTO THE TUB I GO!

Luxury pure by Barbara

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