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Lions Spirit

Siegfried Herzog distills for the hotel "Der Löwe"

The Distillery Siegfried Herzog from Saalfelden has created a very special spirit with Rupert Madreiter, for lovers of noble distillates. The master distiller Siegfried Herzog has been regarded internationally as one of the best of his guild.

The limited edition made from Styrian handpicked pears has matured in the oak barrel for 1/2 year! Different climate zones and terrains give the spirit an interesting and intense structure. The flavour-preserving distillation was followed by the one-year ripening process in used barrels from Allier oak to finalise the Lions Spirit No. 1. With its fruity opulent pear bouquet, balanced sweetness, a soft texture and an expressive reverberation of integrated barriques the Lions Spirit will delight the finest palates.

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