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Hiking in the Hotel Loewe

Magical places around the Loewe

Birnbachloch - Europe's lowest glacier in Leogang

Once a week, our active guide will lead you into the wild-romantic Ullachtal! We walk directly from the hotel to the Ullachtal. The trail leads through the forest, then along the hiking trail through meadows and later ontomore rocky terrain up to the Birnbachloch at 1291m. The Birnbachloch is a karstic spring with an approx. 20m wide "entrance hall". Inside this hall, the Birnbach has its source.

Next to the Birnbachloch, the Birnbach glacier, Central Europe’s lowest glacier awaits in a few hundred meters distance. This glacier has a rich history, seeing as Bavarian breweries sourced the ice for their ice cellars here at 19th century. The ice blocks were transported downhill on hundreds of meters of wooden slides.

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